From Debt to Doubt to Determination

I learned the hard way that running a business is not easy. When I started my first business, which was a restaurant, I thought it would be the best restaurant in town. I had a lot of success in the beginning, but over time, the money stopped flowing in, and I barely had any customers. I became buried in debt and eventually I had to shut the restaurant down. I was left with virtually nothing and had to file for bankruptcy, which I did using a Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer and some funds that I had stashed away for emergency situations.

After acquiring the title of bankrupt and having my restaurant taken from me, I was a broken man. I didn’t know what to do and had little desire to continue on. I didn’t think about suicide, but I was pretty depressed for a while. I was during this time that I met a woman who would later become my wife. Continue reading

Best Electricity Providers for State of Texas and Rates

It took awhile, but I am finally going to go back to school in order to finish my degree, of which I only need about 5 more classes, and I am going to try to get it done in one semester. But actually, I think that I might take two semesters to do it, just so that I can take my time, and have some fun at college. So I am looking into this site that has a list of all of the providers in the state, and I am trying to figure out which provider will be best for me to use.

I wish that it was easier to make a decision. Continue reading

Economy moving in black and white: explainity explains the world

They call themselves a “project for the complex reduction”. explainity, this project of the founder Andreas Ebert and Steffen Horstmann Hoff at the University of Lüneburg.

Appropriate measures and strategies to be developed, inter alia, on moving-image basis, allowing a focused presentation of complex interrelationships.

I think this will succeed quite outstanding! The following contributions, in which explainity dealing with current business issues.

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The world is not flat, why the music industry has a future

It had looked as if the story already told to the end. The the rise and fall of a gigantic economic industry, the music industry. Seemed to have come in the invention of the record and its final point with the extinction of their CD early.

Maybe both wrong. At least not the beginning. In the beginning was namely not flat, but a roll of wax. The famous physicist Thomas Edison had developed in 1888, 10 cm long, with a diameter of 5 cm. You what the first useful Audioaufzeichner and player. Several minutes of audio could preserve the wax cylinder.

Not in form, but in the art similar to the roll already the later LP: To play the rotating wax cylinder was sampled with a rounded diamond.

The subsequent history of recorded music is widely known. On the wax cylinder was followed by the more durable and reproducible gramophone records of the German inventor Emile Berliner, the record, the tape, the Compact Cassette and finally the Compact Disc.

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Can a 1938 written text to solve the current economic problems?

What you always have to write new texts when there are so many good? For example, the German economist Walter Eucken. In 1938, as the mastermind of the Social Market Economy wrote the book “Economics for what?”.

The text is part of a reader a meeting of Friedrich A. Hayek-Gesellschaft eV in conjunction with the Friedrich A. von Hayek Foundation for a free society that I visit now.

The book – more specifically, I can only on the pages that are part of the reader, judge (p 9-16 and 43-67) – is extremely surprising. The text could now be printed in magazines, hardly would notice that the text over seven decades old. Continue reading

Creates growth jobs or bring jobs growth?

How growth and prosperity developed, is quite simple economic theory. Give it to the three options:

➡ through more use of labor
➡ by more capital
➡ by technical progress

The former occurs when more people are working and / or those who work, do so for longer. The capital stock increases by reduced consumption, ie by saving (extends to the view of an open economy, can also accrue to capital from abroad – or desisted abroad). Thirdly created growth and wealth of new ideas, which, for example, better machines be built, which at the same time can be produced more. Continue reading

Should the Ehegattensplitting be abolished?

The Greens have made a new attempt at the weekend at their party in Kiel abolish income splitting.

Similar to the care allowance (see Pixel economist post Praise the stove premium) is the Ehegattensplitting a reputation for favoring old role models. That scenario is the sole breadwinner of a family. The man goes to work, the woman is watching the children. Promotes splitting control this form of cohabitation? And it belongs therefore abolished? Continue reading

Praise the stove premium: Why is the care allowance of the CSU justice

In 2007, the care allowance was elected as the “stove bonus” for word of the year, in just over a year, it is to be paid for the first time. The CSU has been advocating for – and is scolded for it. She was behind the times, represent an outdated role model, exaggerating women into a trap by getting them keep in the kitchen and away from the labor market.

It is indisputable: The CSU has prevailed. After years of wrangling, the coalition agreed this month: As of 2013, initially a support of 100 euros a month for children aged two years should be granted if the parents take care of the offspring at home and not be in a day care center. From 2014, the care allowance increasing to 150 euros and will be extended to children aged two and three years.

How is the care allowance to be assessed? Imposed it give people a role model and should therefore be rejected? Continue reading

What remains to be done: The labor market in Germany is doing well – it does not have to remain so

One may suspect that Gerhard Schröder does not regret too much looking back on his political life. He’s not the type. Procrastination, quarreling, self-criticism – that can other better. On the other hand:. So many pithy sayings, as the Chancellor retd throughout his career by himself gave, it can not be otherwise, than that even Schröder is convinced to have some spell better not said.

For example, when he was politically at the end. On election night 2005, Schröder sits in the so-called elephant round by ARD and ZDF, and can not admit that his party has lost, that he has lost, that he will not remain Chancellor. As Schröder is by the minute krawalliger until he finally said the sentences of the evening: “You seriously believe that my party einginge to an offer of talks by Mrs Merkel in this situation, by saying they want to be Chancellor? So, I mean, we have the church times but let in the village. The Germans have yet clearly voted in the candidate question. The one can not seriously deny. “Gerhard Schröder once the later appearance as a” designated suboptimal “. More self-criticism can hardly be expected from Schröder. Continue reading

“Oops, Greece is bankrupt but” – such as digital communication changed Democracy

The golden rule of power politics in a democracy is to carry out unpopular reforms at the beginning of a legislature. The sympathetic support of this strategy is that unfold the positive effects of initially unpopular reform only with delay and – this is done before the next election – the Reform Party is re-elected at the end. The less-friendly variant is: The selector is a goldfish. What is decided at the beginning of a legislature of those in power, while ticking the next ballot is no longer relevant.

Both readings are with the basic principle of democracy actually incompatible, according to which the policy is to implement what the majority wants. To decide against the majority, is undemocratic in the core. Continue reading

Do we need a new Internet?

Never was life as complex as today. We drive in high-speed trains, of which we do not know how they work; we swallow medicine, whose mechanism of action can not understand a layman; we are typing on keyboards that allow us to speculate how they conjure up the letters on the screen.

Never was life so easy. A little twist at the thermostat and in the apartment there is toasty; input of a PIN on ATM and we hold notes in their hands; A final key press in the input mask and the Cuban holiday is booked. Continue reading