Can a 1938 written text to solve the current economic problems?

What you always have to write new texts when there are so many good? For example, the German economist Walter Eucken. In 1938, as the mastermind of the Social Market Economy wrote the book “Economics for what?”.

The text is part of a reader a meeting of Friedrich A. Hayek-Gesellschaft eV in conjunction with the Friedrich A. von Hayek Foundation for a free society that I visit now.

The book – more specifically, I can only on the pages that are part of the reader, judge (p 9-16 and 43-67) – is extremely surprising. The text could now be printed in magazines, hardly would notice that the text over seven decades old.

Eucken writes vividly and obviously timeless.

It illustrates the complexity of the economy on the example of a non-smoker and thus makes the superiority of the market economy over socialism significantly (Page 9)
He explained the example of wage increases that subjective experiences can lead to wrong conclusions (page 15)
He describes the emerging state interventionism (page 45)
he says, as the monetary policy for the purpose of labor market policy is being abused (page 47)
and how science occurs (page 48) in the service of political powers.